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Home Learning examples sent by you

Many thanks to all those sending in examples of your home learning and fun things you have been doing!

These are sure to inspire other.

Fantastic Maya project work!

Enjoy this incredibly powerful extra scene to Macbeth by Luke J!

Lockdown poem by Heidi!

The Witches' Spells

Great responses to the banquet task written from different perspectives!

Artwork sent by you

Check out some of Matthew's Maya project!

Please stay vigilant!

Try this fantastic Victorians Quiz created by Esther


Still image for this video
Be sure to check out this great stop-motion animation linked to our work on earthquakes which has been produced, directed, written and filmed by Daisy.

Superhero exercise!

Still image for this video
I loved this time-lapse video showing a full PE workout. It looks like a superhero racing through everything at hypersonic speeds (the complete opposite of my snail-paced workouts).

Major Volcanic Eruption!

Still image for this video
Take a look at this fantastic model of a volcanic eruption.

Fantastic artwork from Karis!

A challenging PE Lesson from our new Year 6 coach

Still image for this video
Joe Wicks was just a warm-up, now it's time for the real PE session! Here is a great video from the new Year 6 PE coach (I'm just glad that you can't see me struggling to keep up with this one).