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Year 5


As a class we have been reviewing the pros and cons of social media, helped by a visit from local police officers recently.

The children have learned about what a digital footprint is and how our digital footprints form our 'digital self'. Having a clean record online is so important for our future and for our reputation.

See an introduction by Callum below and then a video from the whole class who have explained it further...Enjoy smiley

Callum's Introduction-1.m4v

Still image for this video

Digital Footprint

Still image for this video

Our Rotation Posters

We had a lot of fun designing posters to explain what 'Rotation' means in our solar system.
They are going to look great on display in our classroom!



Summer 2:

We hope everyone has had a restful half term ready for our final half term of Year 5! Time is flying by.



Please use the Year 5/6 reading list (copy attached at the bottom of this page), detailing books that are recommended to challenge your child's reading ability. We have been discussing in class about the children choosing something unusual, stepping out of their comfort zone of familiar authors and trying something new!

This may be a useful document for you to use as a checklist at home.


There is also a grammar terminology poster at the bottom of the page for parents to refer to if the children are completing home learning using tricky grammatical terms.


Staff in Year 5:
Teacher- Miss Campanini
Teacher (Wednesday afternoons) – Mrs Carmichael who will RE, PSHE, French and Art this half term.
Teaching Assistant (Monday-Friday mornings) – Mr Schofield

Other Useful Information:

· PE and Games will be on Mondays and Tuesdays this term.  Both afternoons will rotate between Sports Day Practice (Athletics), Rounders and Football. On these days of the week, the children can wear their school PE kit. From Wednesday-Friday, they wear their school uniform.


This half term will be home learning projects. Please see the document at the top of the website outlining which projects the children can choose from.


10 spellings will be set and tested on a Thursday, sometimes based on a spelling rule, and the next set of spellings will be sent out for a test the following Thursday.


Home learning diaries will be checked every Monday so please ensure an adult has signed this in advance so that we can see that the home learning has been acknowledged at home. Do let me know if your child needs help with their home learning, the diary is a good way to communicate with me from home.

This term the children will be completing a "Reading River" project. The idea is that the children find opportunities to read in many contexts in their everyday life. They need to bring in evidence- in photograph form or cutting out extracts- to show what they have read. This evidence can include maps, recipes, food packaging, subtitles on the tele, information boards, road signs, game instructions and anything else they can think of. As a class, we will be collecting in as much evidence across the term as we can for different text-types which will be displayed on our 'river' in our classroom. Please encourage the children to take part at home. They will also have opportunities at school.


Our library day will be fortnightly on Tuesdays.


I will look forward to a successful final term of  'Working together to be the best we can.'

Miss Campanini