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Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


The EYFS Team:


Mrs Franek - Reception teacher, Forest School and Early Years Lead 

Mrs Bevins - Nursery teacher (every morning, Monday-Friday) and school SENDCo


and our fantastic teaching assistants


Mrs Delmaine (all day Monday-Thursday)

Mrs Owen (all day Wednesday - Friday)

Mrs Warner (all day Monday, Tuesday and Friday)


Mrs Bevins will cover my admin time every Friday afternoon


We are looking forwards to an action packed half term full of fun learning!


Mrs Franek and Mrs Bevins




Happy New Year and welcome back to school.


 We'd like to thank you for our amazing gifts, cards and messages - they are very much appreciated.



Our topic for Spring One is:


'People Who Help Us’



Week 1:  Postal Workers and ‘Kipper’s Birthday’. Have you visited a post office – what did you see? What do you need on a letter or parcel before posting it? Why are their weighing scales in a post office? How are letters and parcels delivered? What did Kipper deliver to his friends? What did Kipper want to celebrate?

Key text: ‘Kipper’s Birthday.’

Can you write a party invitation and include the following information?

  1. To…
  2. Time…
  3. Place…
  4. From…

Nursery maths focus: Numbers : 1-5 recap


Week 2: Vets. We will be talking about the animals that might need to visit a vet and how they could be treated. What does a vet do? Do they keep poorly animals overnight in their hospital area? Can you name some animals that we call ‘pets’? Can a snake be a pet? Do vets visit farms?

Key text: Non-fiction texts (book page and PowerPoint format examples). We will be discussing features of non-fiction books e.g. bold titles and sub-headings, photographs, bullet or numbered points, labels and captions, and writing our own pages for a class book.

Picture books include: ‘Six Dinner Sid’ and ‘Grumpy Cat’.

Can you draw your favourite pet and label your picture e.g. ‘foot’ / ‘tail’ / ‘fur’ / ‘leg’(as appropriate).

Nursery maths focus: Numbers : 6


Week 3: Medical Centres – surgeries and hospitals. Where do we go if we feel unwell? How do we check-in when we arrive? What is a prescription? Where do we take a prescription to? Sometimes patients visit a hospital for an appointment and other times they might need to stay in hospital – who helps them while they are there? If we need an ambulance in an emergency, what number do we call? What does a paramedic do? What is inside an ambulance? Does an ambulance have a siren?

Key text: Non-fiction (as above). We will be adding to our class non-fiction book.

Picture books include: 'Going to the Hospital' 

Can you write a short prescription? You will need to include the following information:

  1. The name of the patient
  2. Their age
  3. What they need e.g. medicine for earache OR bandage for leg
  4. Your name e.g. Doctor….

Nursery maths focus: Numbers : 7


Week 4:  Road vehicles and air travel. Can you name some road vehicles? What is a refuge collector? What is a patrol crossing? We will be talking to the children about road safety. What is a Zebra Crossing? Should you stay with an adult when you are near a road? What is a taxi? Have you ever travelled on a bus or coach? Did you pay? Who took your money / ticket? Where did you travel? What is a travel shop - online or in a shopping centre? Have you been on an airplane and where did you go? Did you need a ticket? Where did you leave your suitcase? Who drives an airplane and who serves the food / drink? 

Key text: Non-fiction. We will be adding to our class non-fiction book.

Picture books include: 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!'

Can you draw a picture of your favourite road vehicle and label it OR write a sentence about it? For example:

The bus is green.

The post van is red.

 A taxi can take you to the shops.

 A bus stops to let people on and off.

I need a ticket for the bus.

Nursery maths focus: Numbers : 8


Week 5: The Emergency Services – Fire Service. If we need a fire engine in an emergency, what number do we call? Do you know what’s inside a fire engine? How do fire engines work? Do they have a siren? How do firefighters put out fires? What do they wear? Why are there ladders on a fire engine? What colour are fire engines?

Key text: Non-fiction (as above). We will be adding to our class non-fiction book.

Picture books include: 'Barn on Fire!'

Can you draw a picture of a fire engine and label it? For example: hose, ladder, door, wheel ….

Nursery maths focus: Numbers : 9


Special celebration - we will be celebrating Chinese New Year on Tuesday 1st February. Which animal is this year named after? How many animals are there in the Chinese Zodiac? Can you name some or all of them? Which animal year where you born in?

Can you name some traditional Chinese dishes? What are chopsticks and how are they used?


Number Day - on Friday 4th February. Look out for more information nearer the time!



Weeks 6 and 7: The Emergency Services – Police Service and road safety. If we need the police in an emergency, what number do we call? Can you name the different police vehicles? Do they have sirens? Do you know what’s inside a police car? What is a patrol crossing? We will be talking to the children about road safety. What is a Zebra Crossing? Should you stay with an adult when you are near a road?

Key text: Non-fiction (as above). We will be adding to our class non-fiction book.

Picture books include: PC Ben 

Can you draw a picture of a police vehicle or horse and label it? For example: lights, siren, door, tail, leg ....

Nursery maths focus: Numbers : 10 and recap 6-10


Habits of Mind: 

There will be a different growth mindset focus each week (some will be repeated to match a topic area or event). Please ask your child to tell you about our 'I can....' achievements board and our class rainbow and magic cloud.

Week 1: Wow (Proud of what I can do)

Week 2: Try Something New (Have a go Hero)

Week 3: Using All Senses (Super Explorer)

Week 4: Try Something New (Have a go Hero) 

Week 5: Find Out More (Link and Learn)

Weeks 6 and 7: Perseverance (Keep It Up Captain)




Growth Mindset:

Please talk to your child about Ruby Reflection and Robert Resilience. What do Ruby and Robert like to do in school? 








A weekly guide:



Show and Tell: (one topic related item only)

We will advise you when this activity will be starting - please do NOT send any items into school at the moment.


Wednesday (return day):

Reading and shared reading books, reading records and library books:

These need to be returned so they can be changed and ready to go home every Friday. Nursery children will not have a shared book until later in the spring term.



Reading and shared reading books and reading records:

Books go home. Please make a short comment about your child's reading and interest in their book/s. If you have any queries, please come and see me. Reading books and records should be kept in your child's book bag every day as they may be shared with an adult in school (see above for return details).


PE Day:

PE takes place either in the school hall or outside (weather permitting). Children can come dressed in PE kit (House t-shirts are optional for children in Nursery). If you wish to purchase a House t-shirt, please contact us if you unsure which House your child is in.


Library Day:

We have a fantastic school library with an excellent range of picture books for our EYFS children to enjoy choosing from and to share with their family at home. 

We plan to visit the library every Friday to select one book to take home every week. Please make sure that your child's library book is returned the following Wednesday morning, or when they are next in school for their usual session later in the week. Unfortunately, we are not able to issue a new book unless the previous one has been returned. 




General Information:

Further information about the EYFS can be found on 'Parent Zone' -  'Information for EYFS Parents'



Useful reminders:

A water bottle and warm waterproof coat should be brought into school every day.




We are looking forwards to getting to know the children and finding out about their interests and learning styles. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns about your child's wellbeing or learning during their time with us. 


Best wishes


Mrs Franek and Mrs Bevins



'Working together to be the best we can.'








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