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Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


I am fortunate to be supported by the following team:


Mrs Meek (Monday,Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Friday afternoon)

Mrs Delmaine (all day Monday-Thursday)

Mrs Owen (all day Wednesday - Friday)

Mrs Warner (all day Monday, Tuesday and Friday)


Mrs Meek will cover my admin time every Friday afternoon


We are looking forward to an action packed half term full of fun learning and also making lots of new friends!


Mrs Franek




Our topic for Autumn One is:

All About Me!


Weeks 1-3: Settling In. Getting to know where things are kept and making new friends. We will be talking about our families, homes and the things we like to do.

What is a friend? Can you name your friends? Can you name some new friends from school? What do they enjoy playing with? Can you remember where the painting table is? What can you do in the mud kitchen? How many sandpits are there? Where can you find your wellies? When do you need to wear them? Can you name the grown ups who are with you in the department? Where do we eat snack? What happens at lunchtime? Where do we eat our lunch? What do you like to play with your friends? What is your favourite activity in school? What is our Rainbow Chart for? Where do you hang your coat and put your water bottle? Can you remember where to find paper and pencils, wax crayons and felt pens? Where would you find a number puzzle or large dice? How many number lines are there altogether? Can you see letters and sounds? Where can you find scissors and glue sticks? 

Key text: Various stories about starting school, making friends and sharing with each other.


Week 4: Feelings and Using Our Senses. What makes you feel excited? Can you tell me something that makes you very happy? What makes you laugh? What might make us all upset sometimes? How can we feel happy again? Who can help you if you are worried about something? What could you smell, see, hear and feel if you went for a walk with your family in the woods? Do you have a favourite food - what does it taste like and can you describe it? How many colours can you spot in your home?

Key text: Various stories about the different feelings we might have already experienced.


Week 5: Our Bodies, Homes and Families. We will be talking about our bodies and how they move. How many parts of your body can you name? What is a 'funny bone'? How many teeth do you have? What are our ears and eyes for? What colour is your hair? Do you know the song 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes'? Can you describe your home? Is there a number on your front door? Do you know your address? Who is in your family? How many grown ups do you live with? Do you have any brothers, sisters or cousins? How many aunts, uncles and grandparents do you have? Are there any pets in your family?

Key text for Reception children: 'Funny Bones' by Allan Ahlberg.

Key text for Nursery children: various texts


Week 6: Healthy Eating and Staying Safe. We will be learning about healthy food choices, regular exercise and how to stay safe. Can you name some fruit and vegetables? What is a snack? What do you eat for breakfast? What is a salad? Is it okay to eat cake and crisps? Can you name different types of exercise? Do you have a favourite sport? Can you jump 10 times? How do we stay safe in school and at home?

Key texts for Reception children: 'Oliver's Vegetables' and 'Oliver's Fruit Salad' by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett.

Key text for Nursery: various texts


Week 7: Harvest. We will be talking about how we harvest crops on farms. What do you know about farms? Do you know what wheat, barley and maize are? What is flour? How do we make bread? What do we use bread for? Can you name different types of bread? 

Key text for Reception and Nursery children: The Little Red Hen. Do you think the Little Red Hen needed some help to make the bread? Who could have helped her? 


Week 8: Autumn. What changes can we see to the trees? Why are there more leaves on the ground than there are on the branches of the trees and bushes? How many different coloured leaves can you see? What do they feel like? Is it usually warm or hot and sunny everyday? We also will be consolidating our learning, for example, talking about sharing a task with friends, being kind and helpful, trying new things, eating tasty vegetables, how we sometimes feel grumpy etc.

Key texts for Reception children: 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper and Little Acorn by Autumn Publishing

Key text for Nursery children: Little Acorn by Autumn Publishing



For further information about our learning, please look out for our half-termly class curriculum newsletter which will shortly be available and located at the bottom of this page.



A weekly guide:



Show and Tell: (one topic related item only)

We will advise you when this activity will be starting - please do NOT send any items into school at the moment.


Wednesday (return day):

Reading and shared reading books, reading records and library books:

These need to be returned so they can be changed and ready to go home every Friday. Books will sent home during Week 4 (week beginning 20.09.21). Nursery children will not have a shared book until later in the term.



Reading and shared reading books and reading records:

Books go home. Please make a short comment about your child's reading and interest in their book/s. If you have any queries, please come and see me. Reading books and records should be kept in your child's book bag every day as they may be shared with an adult in school (see above for return details).


PE Day:

PE takes place either in the school hall or outside (weather permitting). Children can come dressed in PE kit (House t-shirts are optional for children in Nursery). If you wish to purchase a House t-shirt, please contact us if you unsure which House your child is in.


Library Day:

We have a fantastic school library with an excellent range of picture books for our EYFS children to enjoy choosing from and to share with their family at home. 

We plan to visit the library every Friday to select one book to take home every week. Please make sure that your child's library book is returned the following Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, we are not able to issue a new book unless the previous one has been returned. Library visits will start on Friday 17th September.






General Information:

Further information about the EYFS can be found on 'Parent Zone' -  'Information for EYFS Parents'




Habits of Mind: 

There will be a different growth mindset focus each week (some will be repeated to match a topic area or event. Please ask your child for more information.

Weeks 1 - 3: Settling in period

Week 4: Try Something New (Have a go Hero)

Week 5: Using All Senses (Super Explorer)

Week 6: Try Something New (Have a go Hero) 

Week 7: Find Out More (Link and Learn)

Week 8: Perseverance (Keep It Up Captain)





Growth Mindset:

Please talk to your child about Ruby Reflection and Robert Resilience. What do Ruby and Robert like to do in school? 



Useful reminders:

A water bottle and warm waterproof coat should be brought into school every day.




We are looking forwards to getting to know the children and finding out about their interests and learning styles. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns about your child's wellbeing or learning during their time with us. 


Best wishes


Mrs Franek



'Working together to be the best we can.'








Curriculum News - Autumn 1