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Support documents for Parents.

Reading Ideas for Parents

Dear Year 2


Thank you so much for all the emails you have sent this week to I hope you have enjoyed all your learning.  I have heard that some of you recognised my voice on the powerpoints.  I always say to you that adults still carry on learning all the time and I had to learn how to do this so I am pleased that it worked. I am hoping to do more of this in the coming weeks.

I will continue to add the daily learning below and then at the end of the week I will archive it.  This means that if you need to look at it again you will be able to find it on the website.

I know that most of you have requested your log in details for TTRockstars and I hope that you have been able to log in, name you rock star and have a go at the Gig game to start you off.  If you can practise your times tables for at least 10 minutes everyday it would be fantastic.  You can earn coins and then buy things for your rockstar.  If you haven't got your log in details then please do email me to get them. I can also log in and see how you are getting on.

I hope you have all been able to log in to the Active Learning Site and been able to access the Power Maths too.  On Monday you can come and collect your Power Maths Practice Book and an exercise book so that you can keep all your learning together. 

The good news is that we will be adding Bug Club books onto the Active Learn site from next week so you will be able to do lots of reading which is great. It is so important to keep up with your reading so please do try to read aloud to someone each day.

There are lots of lessons from the Oak Academy and BBC that you can access too if you do want to try something else. Starting next week there is also 3 hours of Primary Learning on CBBC each morning. The programmes for children of your age are at 9:00 to 9:20 each day. This is the schedule for 5-7 year olds: 

Monday - Maths and History

Tuesday - English

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - Maths and French

Friday - English and Wellbeing

As the morning continues from 10 o'clock onwards there will be history, geography and art lessons each day too as well as other programmes presented by celebrities so perhaps you will find something that interests you.

I hope you found the zumba PE lesson fun.  I will add the link to the next one each week.  So much of your learning is on a screen that it is important that you take a break and keep yourself fit too.  Joe Wicks is back next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you can either follow him live or watch it later on. 

I know that it is hard to learn at home, but all you can do is your best.  Have a go at as much as you can but don't worry if there is something you don't understand.   We will always visit things again in the future.

Take care and stay safe


Mrs Franklin


Welcome to the Spring term in Year 2! 


First of all let me say thank you very much on behalf of the Year 2 staff for the Christmas cards, gifts and vouchers that we received at the end of the Autumn term.  We really appreciate them! 


We nearly made it to the end of term before our bubble burst and we know how disappointed many of the children were at missing the pantomime on the last day of term.  I hope that we will be able to show them the pantomime once we are back at school. I do hope that you have all been able to have a relaxing Christmas and hope that you have stayed well throughout this time.

This term Mrs Franklin is the full time class teacher and is supported by Mrs Crocker who will work with the children in the mornings and 2 afternoons and Mrs Ward who will also be working with us in the afternoons.  On a Wednesday afternoon the class will be taken by Mrs Meek for the first session and by Mr Rogers for PE in the second half of the afternoon. 

During these COVID times we are having to be flexible in our approach to things. On this webpage, there is a Remote Learning section. This has learning that can be done at home if the children are ill, awaiting test results or having to self-isolate. The Maths links directly to the learning we will be doing in class and we are also using the Oak Academy and BBC sites to support learning. Thank you for your continued support during these times. 


Our topic for the first half term is Space and we will be looking at this from a historical perspective.  The second half term also has a history basis and is about Castles.  These have both proven to be very engaging topics for the children in the past.

We will continue learning and teaching using the ‘carousel’ approach familiar with the children, meaning that the children will normally complete activities which are either literacy or numeracy based in the mornings.  We will continue to use the Power Maths scheme familiar with the children. The children will spend some of the time working with an adult each day and some time working independently. Topic, Science and most other subjects are usually in the afternoons but we try to use links between subjects whenever appropriate. 


Our PE slots for this term will be on a Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesdays will be the Year 1/2s bubble's day in the Hall so we will have a small assembly that morning and the use of the Hall for PE in the afternoon. Thursdays will be outdoor PE. As we will continue to not be in school uniform, the children will need to be in suitable clothing for doing PE on the days they have it and please be aware we will be outside so layers are good. 


Learning at home

We hope you will continue to support your children at home with Home Learning activities, especially reading, spellings and learning multiplication tables. Outside of the above, we will set a piece of Home Learning a week and we would expect the children to spend about 30 minutes on it.


  • Reading books and reading record will come home on a Friday and must be returned to school on the following Wednesday. We encourage the children to read at least four times a week, if they do, they will get a sticker put in their reading record. Once they have ten stickers, we congratulate them with a reading certificate. The children will often have already read the books they come home with at school that week, but it is important to reread books to develop fluency and understanding. Parents are asked to continue to read and discuss texts with children.
  • Library books will come home fortnightly on a Friday and need to be returned on the Wednesday, a fortnight later.  We will visit the Library on a Friday when it is our turn on the rota so children will always have the opportunity to change their books and we also have a range of books in the classroom. We can’t stress enough the importance of reading and the understanding of reading as it is vital to access so much of the curriculum.

Home learning

Your child will have one piece of home learning a week. It will be sent home on a Friday to be returned on the following Wednesday. This may be phonics, English, Maths, Science or a topic-based task.

Words for Writing

‘Words for Writing’ will be sent home on a Friday on a look, cover, write and check sheet for the children to complete. Please take a few minutes each day to complete a column rather than completing the whole sheet in one sitting. Little and often is considered a more effective approach for learning new words. The words will either be common exception words or based on a phonic pattern. The children will have a spelling check on Friday. The words for writing sheet will then be returned home with a tick (correct) or dot (incorrect) next to each word so you are able to help them again at home.

Some Practical Points

  • The children will be wearing their own clothes to school, rather than uniform.  They must be in clothes suitable for PE, including trainers as per Mrs Gow’s newsletters as we are not going to be changing for PE sessions. We remind you that children are expected to set a good example and look smart at all times. This remains the case even without the school uniform requirement at present. Hair should be tied back with plain hair ties and clips of a colour which blends in with school uniform. Ear studs are permitted as the only type of jewellery but nothing else.
  • Please send in a named water bottle for classroom use. This is additional to the lunchtime drink.  
  • Please ensure that lunchboxes are named and that your child is able to open any of the contents of their lunch. 
  • The children need a fruit or vegetable snack from home for the morning and we will give them a piece of fruit or vegetable for the afternoon snack.

Year 2’s Weekly Timetable








Please send in:

Words for writing

Home learning

Reading books and reading records

Library books (fortnightly)


Reading books, records, home learning, words for writing go home.

Library books go home (fortnightly)


Finally, please communicate with us as it is important that your child is happy in school and making good progress. This is more difficult than normal in the current climate but if you have any queries or questions please contact the office via phone or email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mrs Franklin

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