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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


As the new school year begins, the children are already settling into Year 2 and their new classroom quickly.  It is lovely to see them return to their learning full of enthusiasm for the year ahead.


We have a great team of staff in Year 2. Mrs Franklin is the full time class teacher and we welcome Ms Feltwell, who will be covering PPA time on a Tuesday afternoon.  Mrs Crocker will support the children in the mornings and on 2 afternoons and Mrs Ward will be working with us every afternoon. 


Here is just a selection of the interesting things we will be doing or learning about during Year 2.


Katie Morag, Time, Pitch and Volume, Space, Money, Amazing Journeys, Throwing and Catching, Castles, Knights and Dragons, Festivals, Ourselves, Healthy Eating, Relationships, Plants and Animals, The Great Fire of London, Dance, Shapes,Computers, Habitats, Feelings, Changing Materials, Christianity and other religions…..and the list could continue!


We also have all our English and Maths skills to hone and perfect as well. We will spend plenty of time on phonics and we are continuing to use the Power Maths scheme familiar with the children for maths learning.


We will continue learning and teaching using the ‘carousel’ approach familiar with the children from Year 1, meaning that the children will normally complete activities which are either literacy or numeracy based in the mornings.  The children will spend some of the time working with an adult each day and some time working independently. Topic, Science and most other subjects are usually in the afternoons but we try to use links between subjects whenever appropriate.


Our topic for the first half term has a geography bias based on the Katie Morag story books.  In the second half term it will have a more historical theme using the topic of The Great Fire of London. Please see the Curriculum News document for more details of the learning planned for  this term.


Some Practical Points

  • PE is on Tuesdays (Games) and Thursdays (Gymnastics). The children can come to school dressed for PE on these days.
  • Home Learning will come home on a Friday and need to be returned on the following Wednesday. It may be Maths, English, Science or topic based.
  • Words for Writing will be sent home on a Friday to be learnt for a test the following Thursday.  The words will either be common exception words or words using a particular phonic/ spelling pattern.  Please focus on the phonic pattern to help your child learn the words and be able to use the pattern in their own writing. Please complete one column daily rather than completing the whole sheet in one go.  Little and often is a more effective approach for learning new ones. The words for writing sheet is returned home each week following the spelling check.  The words will have a tick to show that they were spelt correctly in the check at school and a dot if incorrect so that you can see where how your child got on and offer additional help if necessary. 
  • Library books will be coming home on a Friday and can be changed fortnightly. Please return on the Wednesday of the week they are being changed.
  • Reading books will come home in the book bags on Fridays and need to be returned to school on Wednesdays. Please read other books from home too. Please record any reading at home in your child’s reading record. We encourage the children to read daily if possible and they will be rewarded with a sticker if they have read 4 or more times within a week. Once they have ten stickers they will be congratulated with a certificate.  The children will usually have already read the books that come home with them at school that week, but it is important to reread books to develop fluency and understanding.
  • Please send in a named water bottle for classroom use. This is additional to the lunchtime drink. 
  • Please ensure that lunchboxes are named and that your child is able to open any of the contents of their lunch.
  • The children need a fruit or vegetable snack from home for the morning and we will offer them a piece of fruit or vegetable for the afternoon snack.


  • Year 2’s Weekly Timetable







PE (Games outside)

Please send in:

Words for writing

Home learning

Reading books and reading records

Library books (fortnightly)

PE (Gymnastics inside)


Reading books, records, home learning, words for writing go home.

Library books go home (fortnightly)


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to make an appointment through the office or send an email to and I will get back to you as soon as possible. It is important that the children are happy in school in order to make good progress so please do communicate with us.


I am looking forward to a fantastic year with your children.  


Mrs Franklin


“Working together to be the best we can.”