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Year 1

Remote Learning: Please use this section of the class page if you are off school. We will upload weekly learning so that you do not miss out on what we are learning in school.

Remembrance Day Poppies and Poem made by Year 1

Our portraits in the style of Guiseppe Arcimboldo. We had to use only fruit and vegetables to make our faces.

Learning at home

Please read through this carefully as days have changed from the previous information.


Reading books and reading record will come home on a Friday and must be returned to school on the following Wednesday. We encourage the children to read at least four times a week, if they do, they will get a sticker put in their reading record. Once they have ten stickers, we congratulate them with a reading certificate. The children will often have already read the books they come home with at school that week, but it is important to reread books to develop fluency and understanding.


Library books will come home fortnightly on a Friday and need to be returned on the Wednesday, a fortnight later.  


Home learning

Your child will have one piece of home learning a week. It will be sent home on a Friday to be returned on the following Wednesday. This may be phonics, English, Maths, Science or a topic-based task.


Words for Writing

‘Words for Writing’ will be sent home on a Friday on a look, cover, write and check sheet for the children to complete. Please take a few minutes each day to complete a column rather than completing the whole sheet in one sitting. Little and often is considered a more effective approach for learning new words. The words will either be common exception words or based on a phonic pattern. The children will have a spelling check on Friday where they will sit with a teacher and go through the words. The words for writing sheet will then be returned home with a tick (correct) or dot (incorrect) next to each word so you are able to help them again at home.

Our Picasso Pictures

Welcome to the Year 1 page


Welcome to Autumn term in Year 1. We look forward to getting to know your children and progressing their learning through creative, fun and supportive learning.


Year 1 team

Miss Smyth is the Year 1 class teacher and Mrs Harper teaches the children on a Tuesday morning. Ms Thompson supports the children all day.


Autumn Term learning

During the mornings in year 1, we normally follow a carousel system which means that the children will have access to a variety of activities each day, sometimes working with an adult and sometimes working independently.  As we begin the year, the carousel will include a child centred activity in order to help the children transition to the new environment.



We will be exploring a range of traditional tales. In writing, we will continue to encourage the children to use their phonics to spell words, and to use a word mat to learn the spellings of tricky words. We will focus on correct punctuation (capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks) when joining sentences to form longer pieces of writing. We always encourage the children to reread and edit their writing. 



The areas of maths we will be covering this term are to read, write and count numbers from 1 to 20 in numerals and words. Identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including the number line. In addition and subtraction, children will represent number bonds to 20 and subtraction facts to 20. Recognise, name and identify properties of common 2-D and 3-D shapes.



The children will learn about their bodies, being able to name and identify parts of the body and children will observe changes that happen across the seasons.



Our first topic is all about me. The children will learn about their local area by being able to locate the school and other local features on a map.


If you would like some more information about our learning in the Autumn term, please look at the Curriculum News document.


Our week


The children will have indoor PE doing Gymnastics.  

Home learning and reading records and ‘Words for Writing’ will be collected. The children will be asked to spell these words and their results will be recorded on their sheet for you to see.



The children will have outdoor PE doing Games.



‘Words for Writing’ and home learning will be sent home, which will be returned to school the following Wednesday.


Reading records will be sent home with two new books.

Children will visit the school library and will be able to choose a book to take home. These books will be changed fortnightly if they are returned on the Wednesday of the week they are being changed.


Other information

Please send in a named water bottle for classroom use, this is additional to the lunchtime drink. If you wish, you may also send in a named healthy snack for morning break. We will provide an afternoon snack of fruit or vegetable once this programme has restarted.


Please insure that lunchboxes are named and your child is able to open any contents of their lunchbox.


We would really appreciate it if your child could have a school book bag to bring all their home learning, words for writing and books to and from school. We like the book bags to go in drawers in the classroom so that the children do not need to go to the cloakroom to collect things. 


The children will be wearing their own clothes to school rather than uniform. They must be in clothes suitable for PE and trainers, as per Mrs Gow’s newsletters as we will not be changing for PE.


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to make an appointment through the office, or send an email to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you!

Miss Smyth