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Welcome to the Friends Page


As soon as your child starts at Cedar Park School, you will automatically become part of “Friends”. We (all the parents/carers and teachers at the school) work to:


a) Enrich the time our children spend at school,

b) Foster good relations among members and increase their understanding of the aims and work of the school,

c) Provide amenities not otherwise available to the school, through enjoyable and organised fundraising events.


Over the past few years, Friends have raised thousands of pounds and purchased many items to enhance the education of our children including computer and music equipment, picnic benches, science resources, whiteboards and lunchtime games. In addition, they have funded the website set-up and updates, as well as coaches to take the children to a Christmas pantomime. They contributed £23,000 to the School Swimming Pool project, have funded the adventure trail, the refurbishment of the School’s art room and kitchen, the new outdoor quiet area and our willow structure all of which will benefit our children for many years to come. This year we are fundraising to improve the schools ICT facilities.


Friends is not just about fundraising though, there is a social side to our events and we feel that bringing the parents, children and school together is just as important. It is this that helps to create the wonderful sense of community in our school and makes being a parent at Cedar Park such a pleasure.


We hope that everyone who comes to the school will consider themselves a part of “Friends” and support the events that are organised. You do not have to sign up to any “Committee” to attend the informal fundraising meetings that we hold once every 3 months – we also keep these as short as possible. Just turn up whenever you are able to and you can be assured that your ideas, support and skills will be welcomed, whatever level of commitment you can offer. It is fantastic to have Friends that can represent each year group at meetings and many hands make light work!


Some of the events that we have run are:-

Christmas Fayre

Easter Egg decorating competition
Children's Discos
Mufti Days
Summer BBQ

Parents Quiz/Bingo Night

Wicked Wednesdays - 1st Wednesday of every month (held in the playground at 3.10pm)

Second Hand Uniform Sales

Happys Circus

Christmas Wrapping Days


If you have any questions, feedback or ideas our ears are always open! Please feel free to drop us a note into the Friends Communication Box, this is bright red and cannot be missed situated in the lobby of the school office. If you would prefer to email please email and we will respond as soon as possible.


There is also a Facebook page for Friends which can be found following the link below – this is a private page which is moderated – if you would like to join this group please send a request and then read the policy that is tabbed at the top of the page.

or search for Friends of Cedar Park PTA – this is updated with events and notifications.


Look forward to hearing from and meeting you soon.

Best wishes,
Co-Chairs - Holly Wade and Pippa Bourke